We are

the Team


Favourite food is pasta pesto, combined with his favourite IPA beer. Ultimate guilty pleasure food is Cheetos.


Favourite food, a juicy steak with French fries and lettuce, while enjoying his favourite drink Pohjala beer. And he can not keep his hands from a real kapsalon.


Favourite food is pasta in any shape, way or form. But ultimately she enjoys a doughnut, with a warm cup of green tea.


Favourite food is spare ribs whilst enjoying his favourite “Ongelovige Thomas” beer. And as his guilty pleasure or dessert a scoop of Ben & Jerry ice cream.


No matter the weather, ice cream is her favourite food. On a Friday night, she enjoys a Martini bianco with ice and lemon. As a guilty pleasure, she likes to enjoy some candy.


Favourite food is a croissant on the weekend. In the evening sipping from her favourite drink a mai tai. Shamelessly enjoys candy, preferably the scoop kind.


She is a real food lover, every food is her favourite food. But her favourite drink is either a latte macchiato or ginger beer. Her ultimate guilty pleasure food is baka bana with peanut sauce.


Everything with spice Gina likes. Can really appreciate a nice glass of red wine. But on the weekends and weekdays, a Turkish pizza is her guilty pleasure.


Enjoys everything as long as it is spicy. Favourite drink, of course, is a bloody mary. Her real guilty pleasure is vanilla ice cream with peanut butter.


A juicy hamburger is Renee’s favourite food. A nice cold beer from the tap is her favourite drink, and everything with apple sauce is her guilty pleasure.